• Cohorts of Krognar - Character Development and Animation
  • GRO Recruitment - Logo Design and Animation
  • 2020 Business Solutions - Logo Design and Animation
  • Global Homes Realtor - Logo Design and Animation for all 50 States
  • Shawster Design - Electronic Device Modeling, Rendering and Demonstration Animation
  • Switzerland Designer Bikes - Bike Modeling, Texture and 360 Animation for Custom Website Interaction
  • Animal Planet - TV Show Logo converted to 3D with Custom Texture
  • Seismic 2013 Bowling Ball Core Renders and Animation
  • AVGN Movie - Character Design and Modeling
  • The Battle For Aurith - TCG Card Design - 3D Interactive Game Tiles Modeling/Texturing 
  • - CGI Banner Design and Render 

Published Mobile Apps

  • Pocket Coin for Android, on Google Play
  • Kayak Escape! for Android, on Google Play​
  • Santa Chimney Drop for Android, on Google Play
  • Advanced Hacker for Android, on Google Play
  • Pirate Poker for Android, on Google Play
  • Swipe'taire for Android, on Google Play

A talented artist with 13 years of experience in the digital arts business, Josh Mooney's work is seen in many computer games released by larger companies, logo animations on websites, concept animations used by product developers, advertising videos, and segway animations in television shows.​



JL Moondog



Fiiishy is the name of JL Moondog's design studio, located on the East Fork river in southern Ohio. The studio develops mobile apps and games, 3D computer models and animations.  

Fiiishy studios continues to be an advocate for clean river initiatives but will not be offering kayak rentals for the 2016 season.


Fiiishy digital arts